Text/Search Ads

      The most simple and effortless online ad that the AdWords offer is the Text/Search Ads. A text ad is a form of marketing communication that advertisers can use to promote their product or service on the Google Network. The text ads are designed to reach people with easily edited messaging while they’re browsing websites or using apps. The text Ads can appear on Google results pages and across the Google Network, which involves the Search Network, search partners, and the Display Network.

       It should appear with language that labels them as advertisements so that viewers understand that the links are paid promotions. To effectively reach potential customers, your text ads should be informative, relevant, and engaging. Text ads on the Display Network typically have more visually engaging formats.


The aim to run new text ads is to create either responsive text ads or expanded text ads

Responsive Text Ads
Responsive ads are an easy way to enter into the world of image ads. With responsive ads, you have the option of either scanning your website for images or uploading images from your computer. Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces.
Expanded Text Ads
Expanded text ads (ETAs) are the next generation of Google text ads which can run on the Display. To boost their impact, display ETAs may, for instance, have a different layout for description lines. When you create an expanded text ad for Display, therefore, the preview will not represent what customers will actually see.

Hints for writing successful Text Ads

  1.   Make your service/product different from others.
  2. Enable your ads to stand out from the competition by highlighting something special about your service.
  3. Be specific about the content you want
  4. Encourage the customers to take the action.  For example –Use phrases like “Try it today”,” Download Now”, “Start Saving Now”, etc.
  5.  Keep the text Ads simple and text it several times.
Creating Leading Text Ads
Every day billions of search queries are made through the most popular search engine called Google. Besides organic results there are also paid search results – Google AdWords. Google ads get about 25% of all clicks. It’s extremely important for businesses to be visible on Google and rank as high as possible as customers are easily lost for competitors. The competition for Google’s first page is fierce: Your text ads thus must be extraordinarily better from your competitors. Your text ads must be capable to compete against your rivals for organic positions and with AdWords ads. To achieve No 1 position is worth the effort as it brings lots of new visitors that in turn increases the conversion.