Hotel Revenue Manager

Hotel Revenue Manager

Best Solution for Revenue Management

Let us explain to you how the revenue manager works when the demand is high or half of your hotel rooms are occupied and others a filling at a fast pace,
you can hike the area rates and make the most of matters for a lot of profit.
What revenue management will  monitor all such factors because the pct, peak season, upcoming holidays and helps you select the BAR (Best Available Rate) accordingly.
As a result, you no longer have to manually conclude the room rate, Booking Hotel.co.in will manage all the tasks.
You can also call it as it’s all in one shop for all your need for bookings

Performance measures of Hotel Revenue Management system

Occupancy Percentage                                  Average Daily Rate

Disadvantages of occupancy percentage and average daily rate as performance measures are listed below:

Occupancy share and average daily rate square measure each one-dimensional analysis.

As a result, neither of these measuring sticks captures the relationship between these two factors and the room revenue they produce.

Decrease in room rates, and ADR

The hotel might decrease its area rates, or ADR, in an effort to increase occupancy. This strategy can improve the occupancy share however it'll lower the area rates. This will reduce overall profitability. For such a retardant building Revenue management is that the answer.

Increase in room rates and ADR

On the contrary increase in area rates and ADR, might leads to the decline in occupancy share. This means that some revenue will be lost because rooms that might have been sold at lower rates will remain unsold. Here comes the role of revenue management.

Why Revenue Manager is better performance measure?

Revenue manager presents a lot of precise live of performance. It combines occupancy share and ADR into one data point.
Revenue manager permits the front workplace manager to use potential revenue because the normal which might be compared with actual revenue.

Key to Successful Revenue Management

To sell the right product (guestrooms, banquets)

To the right customer (business)

On the right day (weekday, weekend, special days )

For the right price (Rate, Corporate rate)

Benefits of Revenue Management

Improved forecasting

Identification of new market segments

Improved development of short term and long run business plans

Determination of discounting activity

Increased business and profits

Improved seasonal pricing and inventory decisions

Identification of market segment demands

Enhanced coordination between the front workplace and sales divisions

Establishment of a value based rate structure

Saving in labor costs and other operating expenses

We are going to provide the services

In Hotel Revenue Management System
Competitors Research
We will study the main competitors of the hotel to assess its price positioning in relation to their products offering. Aim at building the worth – a worth relationship that the building will offer before of its main competitors.
Promotion management
Promotion management, length of stay pricing per channels, distribution management of the hotel, inventory availability management, rates availability management in periods of low to high demand.
Enlarge the demand
Push forward the hotel on potential distribution channels to enlarge the demand.
Customer satisfaction
Guest Review Analysis to boost client satisfaction to drive higher conversions.
Payment Reconciliation
Payment Reconciliation for all the Online Travel Portals.
Pricing strategies
Compare the valuation methods of the most competitors and therefore the building

What Do We Offer ?

Review your hotel’s key performance indicators with action-oriented insights. Just like increasing your online presence and provide you all the right information by Keyword analysis for Website ranking with best SEO Services
Achieve dynamic valuation supported demand, season, a day of week, competition & more. We Study all the aspects related to demands and availability of rooms. and our selling manager decides the foremost effective valuation moreover as offers.
Provide the foremost best rate for all twelve months of the year, 24/7. As we have a tendency to ceaselessly track the information and take efforts increasing revenues for your building. We optimize all the best for your hotel.