Gmail Ads

     With more than900 million active Gmail users worldwide, it’s little surprise that Google saw an opportunity for targeting them. This targeting took the form of Gmail Ads. Advertisers are now able to directly target users’ Gmail inboxes with ads. With the growing demand, Google decided to make it official and move them into the big house: the AdWords interface. 

     In addition, Gmail ads are interactive ads at the top of people’s inboxes. Gmail Ads can act as a “competitor targeting lite” option if you’d like to steer clear of an all-out bidding war. When someone clicks a collapsed Gmail ad, it expands just like an email does. Moreover, this expanded ad is the size of an email, can include images, video, or embedded forms.

       Additionally, Gmail ads are a way to connect with people in a   personal-feeling format. For launching Gmail Ads, you must make sure that it is set in realistic expectations and select the right KPIs.

How Targeting Works?
Affinity audiences
Select from these audiences to reach potential customers and make them aware of your business.
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Automated targeting
Automatic targeting overall helps to optimize your targeting across Gmail, letting you reach people your targeting.
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It is equally important to reach people on the Display Network who are associated with certain demographic categories, like gender, age range, or household income.
Life Events
Reach customers in key life moments like moving, marriage, or college graduation.
Audience keywords
Choose words or phrases relevant to your product or service so your ads appear to customers who are interested in those terms
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Customer match
Generally speaking, it allows you to show ads to customers based on data about those customers that you share with Google.
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In-market audiences
Select from these audiences to find customers who are in the market. Thus it means that they're researching products and are actively considering buying a service or product like yours
You can also reach people who've already engaged with your company's products and services. This also includes past visitors to a website, mobile app, videos or your own email list.