Dental Practice Management Software

Molar Desk

With 'DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE' the everyday workload of your Dental Clinic has been made so easy that you can schedule your Appointments very easily. Storing and Retrieval of all patient-related records, like Personal, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prescriptions, Payments, etc have been made very easy. You can also take reports about your practice and analyze how is your practice is Improving.

We make sure to make you feel the glory of saving time. Allotment of the work and appointments are made very easier. Record of the treatment details of all the patients is easy. There is no chance of missing any appointments as you are keeping the record in the software. You can also directly print the receipt on the basis of the treatment details you have entered. Also, you can check the reports later as well by just entering the date of which you want the reports. You can handle the reports of multiple doctors as well. The software provides you the details of the payment collection and due payments. In short, all in one solution to your clinic management is provided here.

Top Features of Dental Practice Management Software

Cloud-based Operation
All the records and data will be stored on Cloud so that can be stored and retrieved easily and safely anywhere and on any device.
Mobile Friendly
It can be also operated on Smart phone so you can even use it outdoor.
Payment Records Management
Dental billing covers all kind of payments from patients or insurance companies. Detailed ledger with an outstanding amount

• Detailed ledger for better understanding
• Detailed records of payments
• Dental practice management software with partial payments
• The invoice with all required data
• Dental billing with Refund and Advance payments if applicable
• Can Pay discounts with specific privileges
Online and Offline Module
The Software can be used both in online and Offline Mode. So that you can use it anywhere.
Multiple Doctors Management
Multiple Doctors can log in and use this Software while maintaining their own data without Interfering with others.
Patient History Records
The Personal Records of Patients can be maintained with Dental Practice Management Software

• Personal Data of Patients
• Contact Details with Case related Data
• Payment related Information
• Case related Documents
Featured Offered with Premium Version
SMS API Integration:-
The SMS alert features for Patient management. That can be used for Bulk Messaging.

Multi-Clinic Management:-
Dental Practice Management Software can also be used to maintain multi-clinic data management.

Dental Software Highlights

Tracking and managing of dental appointments.
SMS reminders (available in Premium version).
Doctor wise and Operation wise appointment management.
Day, Week and Month views.
Waiting list for dental appointments
Available time checker.
Blocking for Doctors unavailability, Non working hours and Holidays.
Mapping with planned dental treatment.
Highly secured dental practice management software with specific access settings.