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    Bulk SMS, also known as bulk messaging or bulk text messaging which are delivered to various mobile phone terminals. The Bulk SMS is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control)and consumer brands. It can be commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers.Bulk messaging enables the delivery of SMS messages to large numbers of mobile phones that are located all around the world. Moreover, it can be used for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing.


If anybody is subscribed to senders for reception of information that such informative, communicative SMS are also sent through this route. Need Affordable Prices? Click Here

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In promotional route bulk SMS, users don’t need to register at sender end.These SMS are sent with numerical sender id which is system generated.

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Here, the sender can send SMS globally. It provides an international platform for communication through SMS for those whose business is spread across the world.

Promotional SMS VS Transaction SMS

Promotional SMS

  • The objective of promotional SMS is to promote your product or service through offers and schemes.
  • Promotional Messages cannot be delivered to DND users.
  • SMS send through 6 characters Numeric sender ID.             Ex JK-602121, AZ-600268
  • Sometimes promotional messages can be sent via the Transactional route, without worrying about its consequences.

Transaction SMS

  • The objective of this SMS type is finance and Allert related SMS are sent through this route.
  • Transactional Messages can be delivered to DND users.
  • SMS send through 6 characters  Alpha-Numeric sender ID. Ex. AZ-DOOMSG, VM-DOMINO, BZ-SBIATM.
  • People who try to send promotional SMS through transactional route need to pay penalty Cost. Click Here For More Info 

Features of Bulk SMS

It gives comfort to create a task at your free time and allows you to execute the task as per your required timings. It will execute task automatically when the task gets uploaded to the server.
It provides you the feature to send SMS in any regional or foreign language. Thus, now Language is no more hurdles to communicate with the person in their own language.
We provide the simplified version of Bulk SMS software. It is basically easy to understand and beneficial to use. Bulk SMS allows business to send out customized messages and makes it easier to forward and reply.
Do you use tally for accounting? Want to send SMS to your client through tally itself? We do provide tally customization to send SMS through it. Send SMS as your requirement for a particular event.
For personalized software, our API is useful. Integrate SMS API into personal system/software/website and send SMS through our software. We will manage complete backend task on behalf of you.
We have delivery speed controlling feature which is our USP. We have many clients who want to manage a huge database, Therefore we are providing the best solution for their convenience. Basically, this feature is to control the delivery speed of Bulk SMS while forwarding the SMS. because of this, you can manage the response time of your customers after your message delivery. So as to avoid the race condition of calls from customers.
It makes the report to be available on the real-time basis. You can track SMS delivery reports on a real-time basis. Moreover, you can download the bulk list and analyze it.
Upload your address book on our server; create groups to send SMS through web panel as well as through your mobile. Due to this facility sender can send bulk SMS through their mobile
Best and cheapest Bulk SMS Services Providers company in India which offers promotional bulk SMS, transactional SMS along with bulk SMS gateway and API, missed call, voice call Service.
Nowadays we are facing the problems regarding limitation on sending messages per day. But with the use of our Bulk SMS software, there is no restriction on the number of messages you want to send to your costumers.
We guarantee that your data will be safe with us. Data Security is an important feature. there are many platforms which are responsible for data leaks. MyEplatforms assures you for your data security
In placeholders, this feature is our USP. Our SMS gateway will automatically substitute the placeholders for the corresponding values for each contact. Basically, it Manages the Contact Name For their unique numbers. It is completely automated for the convenience of our customers. this allows you to send SMS with a personal name which is attached to the receptor no in the excel sheet. Its impact is huge; receptor feels personal touch while receiving SMS.

Industries and Sectors

Travel Agents, Tour Operators.

Educational Institutions.

Shops and establishments.

Offices and Corporate Houses.

Resorts, Theme parks.

Supermarkets / Malls.

Marketing products & services.

Call scheduling.

Health Care.


Give reminders like EMI, Insurance

Business pickup/delivery phone notifications.

IT support staff for alert escalation process.

Record and voice broadcast in your own voice.

Collection Agents (Telephone Bills, Installments Due etc.).

Utilities (EB, Telephones, Gas, etc.).

Bank Branches, Insurance Agents.

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