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Why to be old fashioned locality when you can reach globally! "myEplatform" gives opportunity to Astrologers, lawyers, doctors, advisers to come up and serve with their talent around the world. Join us and go with 'e'.

Gift, cakes & flowers

To fulfill the purpose of higher education and job, many people stay away from and many times they cannot be present on birthdays, anniversaries, auspicious occasions, opening of new ventures and other events. Away from home but connected to hearts, such people want make their presence and send best wishes to their loved ones. To catch such customers, join us and sell products online.

Food items

Small scale entrepreneur who manufactures food items with their own brand. "myEplatform" is just perfect to grow the business.


Selling jewelry online is cost effective as it does not require highly furnished shop at prime location. It is not only secure but also results in low MRPs which can attract customers. Our platform is an opportunity to catch customers and deal online.


Garments manufacturer, stockiest, wholesalers and local retailer can take advantage of "myEplatform" and go globally by selling their products online.


Working parents find it difficult to manage with their tight schedule. In that they also don’t want to compromise with their children present and future. Give a way out for this dilemma and sell toys and child education material online with "myEplatform".

Books & Media

Literature materials have their own galaxy and it is not possible to have all types of books in conventional shop. Online platform is the most advantageous platform to buy books. Authors, publishers and wholesalers can take advantage of online platform and start business with minimal investments.

Wearable Accessories

This is an 'e' generation and teens are the most tech savvy, they search everything online, they buy online. Cosmetic and Wearable's accessories industries can attract teens via "myEplatform".

Electronics Accessories

Now a days, electronic items are essential part of our day to day life. technology is advancing day by day and variety of gadgets can make our life easy. Take opportunity to grow our business and reach people at the pace of a click.


Good furniture is an integral part of a beautiful home. Searching for good and reliable furniture from different shops is hectic and time consuming task. Our platform provides an easy way of selling all types of furniture in just a click.


When everything is available online, how farmers can left behind? Agriculture is also evolving through new techniques, online shopping and getting information of interest. Fertilizers and chemical providers can take advantage of our platform.

Foot wear

Online platform provides ease for customers to select as per their choice and requirements. Our platform is definitely going to provide you bigger market for your product.

House Cleaning Products

Good health is hidden in cleaning and there are numerous products that can make cleaning easy. Use our platform to showcase your products.


In this fast and busy world, people hardly find time to manage their households. Go online and give pleasure and comfort in purchase of goods to your loyal customers.

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